Rarebit is part software company, part art collective, founded by Hampton Catlin and Michael Lintorn Catlin. It was created with the sole purpose of making wonderful, magical, and interesting experiences for people all over the world. To us, creating is the highest goal one can have. We believe that meaning in life is best derived from building/creating/making things that change the world both in small ways and in big ones. That can take many forms, as the Rarebit team is involved in mobile games, web applications, developer education, art installations, and technology events.

Hampton Catlin

Hampton Catlin (@hcatlin) is a programmer who is passionate about product design and facilitating global human interaction. He’s also the creator of Sass, Haml, Wikipedia Mobile and Tritium. Hampton speaks around the world about products, software and leadership.

Michael Lintorn Catlin

Michael Lintorn Catlin (@malrase) is a front end developer and design nerd, focused on making interfaces that are beautiful, easy to use, and well-crafted. Michael started life as a biochemist and developmental biologist, before deciding to jump the tracks and write a book on Sass called “The Pragmatic Guide to Sass.”