Rarebit Is Nomadic

One of the most awesome things about being product developers who build software for the internet is that we can literally work from anywhere*. When I was full time at Moovweb, that just wasn’t an option. I started at Moovweb when we were 7 people and as I’ve stepped back from day to day responsibilities, we’re nearing 150 people and hundreds and hundreds of customers. We did all that in just 3 years. Doing that kind of business-building takes full concentration and that’s why Michael and I have called San Francisco home for so long.

But now, as we’re starting this new venture together, it’s just the two of us. We can definitely work from anywhere for the forseeable future. When (or if) we decide to take rarebit up to the next level and really build it into a legit business, we’ll have to reconsider, but for now…

We’re spending the summer traveling Europe and staying in various AirBnBs. Our good friends Smith and Erik Schwartz are renting our place in San Francisco for at least the next 7 months, so we’ve got free reign to travel and try not to run out of money. I’m actually writing this from a flat in Paris that we’ve rented for the next couple of weeks. Nothing but wine, rich food, and work!

Actually, speaking of that, we’re going to start considering some freelance work. I haven’t consulted since I was 25 years old when I shifted over to building my own products, but we’re traveling and we need to keep our skills sharp and could use some extra money to save up. It just makes sense that we team up with some awesome entrepreneurs and businesses who could use a pair of developers that know how to design, build, and ship products.

If you want to keep up on the travel aspects of what we’re doing, Michael is blogging over at his personal blog about our trip and what our plans are!

Oh, and I forgot to mention: a big part of this traveling is speaking at conferences! I’ve got a ton coming up and I’m still out representing the awesome product we have at Moovweb. So, check me out at codefront.io, La Conf, HybridConf, and a ton of other ones.

* Well, as long as we can use our laptops. And a wi-fi connection is handy.

Hampton headHampton Catlin is the creator of Sass, Haml, Tritium, and Wikipedia mobile. He’s one part back end developer, one part startup leader, and one part chaos monky. He’s also CEO of rarebit, which he co-founded with his husband. He speaks at a lot of conferences, writes a lot of code, and spends way too much time on Twitter at @hcatlin.