ColorPuzzle is a fast-paced color-matching game that relies on completing a board with fewest moves in the fastest time.

Color Puzzle screenshot
ColorPuzzle mid-game

Our goal was to take a common type of game, and transform it into something bigger and more addictive, by connecting the players together. The core game mechanic of Color Puzzle is simple; it’s not particularly difficult to complete nor complex to understand. However, the magic of ColorPuzzle comes from the participatory nature of the game. Every game you play generates a score. That score is added to your cumulative total score. And, that total score ranks you against every single player in the world.

To win 10 million points in a single game is a positive experience. To know that you only need 40 million more points to beat Hampton, and move up just one step in the ladder of thousands of players (as of this writing), can be euphoric.

We think the design experiment is a success, because even though there haven’t been millions of downloads, out of the tens of thousands of people who have downloaded it, around 500 players have had that euphoric, obsessive experience that we were looking for. In fact, over 2 million games have been completed, totalling over 900 days worth of active game time.

So yeah, we’re proud of that.

Available on iPhone, Android, and Firefox OS.