Yes, we are available for hire.

We’re the real deal, as far as technical consultants go. We’re not just consultants, but have built start-ups and successful apps ourselves. We’ve made everything from an iPhone Dictionary app that has been downloaded over 50 million times… to a hundred person enterprise software company. We also created, designed, and built Wikipedia mobile. Yeah, that Wikipedia.

And now we’re enjoying working on all sorts of different projects for all sorts of different clients. Between the projects we work on for clients, we’re still building our own applications and working with our own customers.

As a team, we have a wide range of experience – everything from front-end design of apps to architecting massive back-end systems. With this broad base, we can help you with almost any stage in a project. In fact, our expertise is helping you to turn your idea into a full-fledged company, so we can help with planning, stategy, hiring, and more.

We work closely with you to get the job done in a thorough and timely manner. We know how much building a beautiful and functional application means, and we’ll work not only to get it built, but to build it in such a way as to make it maintainable into the future.

E-mail us or tweet at us to get in contact about your next project.